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Apparently photographers, and artists are expected to provide some information about themselves. Very well then, I’ll try to not buck convention, too much. While some paths are easier, and more conventional, as long as the path is forward, and does no harm, we will have different, and exciting stories to share. I have jumped out of perfectly good aircraft in the dead of night with darkness obscuring any hope of seeing where I was about to crash. I have been thrown off a perfectly good boat a mile off shore with small craft warnings in place, and yes once again, in the dead of night. I have handled high explosives, and yes sometimes in the dead of night. I have swum in rivers with ice floating by. I have slept in swamps, and 15 feet of snow. After reading what I just wrote, I want to clearly state for the record I am not now nor have I ever been, a vampire. I have driven race cars on Laguna Seca, and Sears Point Raceway. I have ridden my Harley across the United States from the Pacific to the Atlantic and up over the great lakes in Canada. I have owned my own business, and managed some for others. I have worked in high tech, and low tech. I am uniquely me. If you look through my work you will quickly see I am somewhat eclectic. Some may say focus young man focus! But after careful thought I have concluded that I sincerely enjoy the eclectic aspect of my work. It affords me the diversity, and freedom to pursue any direction that looks interesting, or inspires me. I have a goal, and passion to create images others will enjoy. These images can range from the simple, to the complex with subtle shades of color, shadow, shape, and subject matter that provokes thought, and emotion. With much of my landscape work I try to capture the scene in a way that not only provides a visual record, but also conveys the feeling and emotions invoked at the time of capture. If my images can enhance you or your environment in any small way, I will be both very pleased, and humbled.

Photograph Adoption Criteria: When looking for a new photograph to adopt, one, or more will call out, and speak to you. You will know when this happens. It is acceptable to adopt more than one photograph, just be sure not to let photographs see favoritism. Care & Feeding of photograph is a relatively easy process, but does involve some care by those adopting. It is very normal for photograph to become bright, colorful, and enthusiastic when first introduced into a new loving home. Photographs seem to just perk up in a new home environment. Photograph will enjoy indirect window light, but will not fare well in direct sunlight, and it is possible photograph can fade in a relatively short period of time. Photograph also does not tolerate heat, moisture, or chemicals well, and can deteriorate rapidly when exposed to these. Photograph will also require love, and appreciation. It is suggested you look at photograph on a regular basis, and express your appreciation to photograph.

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